ABC: Fewer People Enrolled On Federal ObamaCare Website Than Fit In Yankee Stadium

It’s quite amusing to watch the crap media squirm and report the failure of the law they helped ram down our throats. How much propaganda did the push on this nation about how great obamacare will be and praising even putting socialist politicians on a pedestal? These people all have blood on their hands.

Those of you losing your health care you need to start riding the networks. You need to call them or better yet show up at their offices and chew them out. The crap media played as much of a role in this nightmare law as Pelosi, Reid and obama, they should not be given a pass.

I’d like to know why there are no protests or boycotts being organized against the networks? You want something to do, you want to make someone pay for what is going on then you need to get off your ass! The left has no problem attacking networks, look at what they are doing to Jimmy Kimmel over a joke skit with children. You see, they have the will to act out about their grievances, whats your excuse AmeriKa?