Obama Issues Veto Threat If Bipartisan Bill is Passed Allowing Americans to Keep Their Health Plans

Obama Veto Threat HR 3350Mr. “I Whine About No Bipartisanship in Congress” shows his true colors once again! America this president NEVER apologized to you for lying that you could keep your health plan and his “fix” announced this morning was nothing but a delay to protect endangered socialists from losing re-election in the 2014 midterms. For once Congress works together on a bill to do the right thing and he has threatened to veto it.

Emperor obama is master of propaganda speech to sway public opinion. His actions tell you his true intentions, and it is clear his intentions with barackobamacare is to create as much chaos with out healthcare system and economy as possible. He is incompetent and possesses absolutely no credibility while this law implodes right before our eyes as he spitefully stands by keeping it in place. There is no way this law could ever pass through Congress today and he knows it.

That said I encourage each and every one of you to melt down the Capitols phone lines, crash their email servers and demand 1 more vote to repeal obamacare. Let’s get John Boehner and Harry Reid along with all the other SOB’s in DC on official record where they stand with this abusive law. By doing this there is NO COVER left for anyone going into the 2014 midterm elections no matter how many times his majesty want to break the law!

h/t WZ