Greta: Why Do We Keep Voting For Pols Who Waste Our Money?

Thank you Greta! I have been saying this since the creation of STR for people to get active. Nothing will ever change as long as you sit around complaining but do nothing. Americans complicity with status quo has enabled the crooks in office to run this country right into the ground. We the people are as responsible for the nations state as the DC destroyers. We have allowed them for far too long to run loose and its time for all of that to change!

Politicians are comfortable and we need to make them uncomfortable they are not Gods, we do not serve government, they serve us! There are 21 “things” you can do to make their lives uncomfortable and a few more are still on the back burner but will not be made public until I see this country take action! Keyboard Patriotism is not going to cut it anymore you must do the things that are uncomfortable that you normally wouldn’t do.