Clinton: Benghazi is My Biggest Regret

Here ya go folks she is going to apologize, express regrets and whitewash her incompetence getting 4 men killed. Forget that lets ask WHY Stevens, Doherty, Woods, Smith and the others in Benghazi in the first place!? The US embassy is in Tripoli, what was the Ambassador doing at a CIA annex and what was the CIA doing in Benghazi?

Sorry Hillary you are not going to bury this one under the rug. We know you and your boss were running guns into the middle east through Stevens. By the very act of you guys silencing those who were in Benghazi even hiding them is proof your State Dept and the obama regime were engaged in illegal activity. Someday those who participated are going to see the light uphold the oath they took come forward and tell us the truth. I just hope it happens before 2016.