Glenn Beck: Similarities Between Christie & Obama

Christie and obama are alike because they are progressives. Those coming out pro-Christie because “he might be our only shot at beating Hillary” have no clue what they’re talking about. They know nothing of his policies and most likely got caught up with the one-liners as many of us did before we wised up. Christie is not a conservative because conservatives are not pro-gun control, pro-green energy/ climate change, pro-amnesty etc but Christie is! Conservative NJ did a great expose` on Christie, I highly recommend you read and share it. Like obama we conservatives are not fans of Christie because of his policies, I don’t care how fat he is either! If when the man spoke it was like hearing the Founding Fathers where his policies matched his words but he was 300+ lbs I wouldn’t care.

The fact that this guy wants amnesty, just signed NJ’s version of the Dream Act, and wants to restrict citizens gun rights no thanks. Oh and let’s not forget his choice in judges leaning towards islam/ sharia! This little scandal hopefully did us all a favor. One last thing ask yourself WHY the left is so giddy over Christie and fans of him? If you have bobbleheads on the left talking about how great he is and being his cheering section that should put up all kinds of red flags!