Minister of Propaganda Gets Grilled Over Jobs Report Pushes Recovery Propaganda

Consistent job growth? Where? That is just an illusion that jobs are being created this POS Minister of Propaganda knows it’s the complete opposite. Ask yourself if there is job growth why are 92 million out of the labor force? Why are over 100 million Americans out of work? Everything is all peachy America go back to sleep, and don’t worry they won’t monetize the debt or mess with the gold reserves!

Being long-term unemployed I am constantly insulted by this corrupt regime and their lies. I’d like a job but I cannot get one because I am unemployed and companies have their little bullshit internal politics to not hire anyone who hasn’t had a job in 6 months of greater! Oh you didn’t know the clock starts at 6 months? Why yes it does I had a recruiter say that to myself and a group of unemployed actually “if someone is unemployed 6 months or greater they are considered unemployable”. There are some jobs out there but they are only for those who already have jobs, because “there’s nothing wrong with them”! Those of us long-term UE are also stereotyped as having something wrong with us. If we say we work for ourselves that gets dismissed because “everyone says that now”. Now if you are really lucky you will have someone not accept any answer you give for your employment gap who will use suggestive language and imply that you were in fact in jail!

Yes the mess started under Bush but obama poured gasoline… no he ripped a tanker truck open over a fire with his economic policies. Attacking corporations (who are already making getting a job difficult), increasing taxes, regulations, obamacare etc made an already impossible job market completely shut out now for people like myself. No one knows any of this because none of the crap media will report what is happening to long-term unemployed. No instead they do their fluff pieces on someone out of work for 6 mos maybe a year and that’s it, but never a story for people out 2++ years! Never a story of the abuse and outright discrimination against people unemployed. And if you voice out well you get attacked as I have been!