Mark Levin Tells Republicans: Boycott the State of the Union Speech

While I agree the republicans should boycott the State of the Union speech here’s the problem. As Mark Levin explains republicans are not using the Constitution to hold obama accountable, and are funding his activities through omnibus bills, so what makes him think they will boycott the speech?? The republicans have demonstrated time and again how spineless they are so I’m not sure why Levin thinks they would stand “shoulder to shoulder” in defiance by boycotting the speech!

What should happen is we the people should take action against any politician who enables this corrupt potus! Let the boycott Levin calls for go into effect but anyone who doesn’t participate we should boycott them! How? We can start by cutting off campaign funding (#DefundtheGOP) and not support any program, business or charity they are connected to! Politicians need to feel the pain they are putting on the American people by their inaction! You cut the money supply off to these clowns as well as the side projects they support trust me you will have their attention!