Rush: Because of Obama Upward Mobility For Middle Class Has Stopped, Doesn’t Believe Hard Work Equals Success

Everything the imperial emperor does is cold and calculated. He tells people what they want to hear while taking actions that are completely the opposite. How can you claim to be for everyone getting a piece of the pie if you are only allowing half a pie be available?

The emperor knows nothing about hard work he NEVER had a real job he never had to answer to anyone let alone have employees depending on him to make payroll! He was raised on socialist marxist views and that capitalism is the enemy, govt is the answer. Those that work hard aren’t successful because they didn’t do it, “you didn’t build that”, it was govt who allowed them to be successful! That one line he said spells out the biggest enemy to the American worker. Your president thinks success and prosperity can only come from govt, so he pushes social entitlements and rewards people for doing nothing making it the norm while building a permanent dependent entitlement uninformed voting class.