Sen Ted Cruz: Obama is Lawless Imperial President ‘Dangerous and Terrifying’

Cruz speaks with Fox News’ Shannon Bream on the Supreme Court taking up a suit on presidential overreach following Senate recess appointments and at Texas Public Policy Foundation’s 2014 Policy Orientation both times calling obama lawless.

With regard to the recess appointments, these were done when his majesty deemed the Senate in recess.. they were in DC working! Cruz calls out the left, “where are the democrats, where are the liberals, where are the journalists”, for being silent on his majesty violating the law is a clear indicator they are complicit with his radical agenda. Any other US President has been called out by his opposition and even those within the same party, but this time around the communists are emboldened by their boy king.

Cruz points out Harry Reid invoked the nuclear option so as only to stack the DC court system so when suits come up to squash opposition for with judges who will lean towards the admin. This is in fact an admittance that we’re in a Banana Republic. A lawless president who act like a third-world dictator, Congress has been rendered irrelevant, the court system corrupt now to the core with radical judges, our military is being purged of anyone who will be a problem…. we are on our own!