Ann Coulter: My Friend’s Sister Died Because of ‘Obamacare’

Unfortunately this death is one of many stories to come as a result of the establishment GOP not working to stop, defund or genuinely repeal barackobamacare. Sadly it will take more deaths until someone who loses a loved one to file suit against the HHS, obama admin or whomever they can outside of the doctor and hospital where their loved one passed for wrongful death. This is not something you want to wish and hope for but since we have a do nothing Congress maybe a lawsuit or a class action suit will get the ball rolling.

Don’t worry I have no high hopes that even a lawsuit will change anything. The US is a Banana Republic ruled by men and women not by law, where the people are being socially engineered to accept this is the new norm. Those who swore an oath to defend us discriminate who is and isn’t a domestic enemy while the nation burns! So much for honoring their oath!