Ann Coulter: “Obama Would Be Impeached If He Weren’t America’s First Black President”

Ann Coulter was dead on about how this destroyer of the republic has been permitted to get away with all the crimes he is committing because of his skin color. Obama is rewriting obamacare, immigration law, drug laws etc which is outside the scope of the Executive Branch. He has committed a bona fixed act of treason when he sent aid to Syrian rebels aka terrorists too! Congress remaining silent to emperor 0’s power grabs has set a very dangerous precedent. He now knows he can go even farther with his power grabs because NO ONE will stop him. Liberals will never speak out because they want to see the radical agenda implemented knowing barry is the only one who will be able to pull it off.

“I suppose there may be something that Congress could do with the purse but not with the Senate in democrat hands and I mean unfortunately I hate to say this, the Constitution is not supposed to be overruled by political correctness but I wasn’t joking at the beginning, I just… the first black president is not going to be impeached”

It is infuriating to hear this clown being referred to as the “first black president”. No he isn’t, obama is the first mixed race/ bi-racial president. To even refer to him as the “first black president” is racist. He has a white mother and grandparents that raised him unlike the black father who abandoned him. I challenge each and every one of you to call out those who identify him in this manner as racists. They including pundits, crap media etc are all denying his white half!

If we had leaders with a pair between their legs who would admit this maybe they could get the courage and initiate impeachment proceedings. That of course is just a wet dream for Americans because as long as Harry Reid runs the Senate and progressives (on both sides) infest Congress emperor obama will never be impeached. Those of you asking “why haven’t they done it”, “just do it already” etc etc it’s NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. Make no mistake about it obama has broken more laws and violated the Constitution more than any other POTUS including Bush but more importantly Nixon who went down for far far less! But because of his skin color he is untouchable! Meanwhile we are in a full-blown Constitutional crisis that the DC destroyers know but don’t care as they build their kingdoms and prepare for the collapse that is coming!