Commie Keith Ellison: Americans Work Way Too Much & CBO Report Says They Will Be Able to Cook Dinner

These lunatics like CAIR agent & MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD SYMPATHIZER Keith Ellison are praising the JOB LOSS barackobamacare is causing! When you hear bobbleheads like him talk about the damage obamacare is doing as if it’s a good thing this is first and foremost the purest example of propaganda, but this is what we call whitewashing! They have no answers for the carnage and destruction this “law of the land” is doing so now they are playing PSYOPS on the American people. This is the equivalent of telling someone 2+2=5. Got it?

Barackobamacare is putting people out of work and its good because you all work longer and harder than your failing economic friends in the European Union who are under tha same model Ellison and progressives want Americans under! So now just think you can be at home to cook dinner and pursue your dreams of being a bigfoot hunter!!

When are people going to wake the hell up?