Sen. Chuck Schumer Suggests an Immigration Compromise: Pass it Now, Have it Go Into Effect AFTER Obama Leaves Office

Gee that’s a great idea! Let’s pass an ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY law NOW and risk a President Hillary (Obama 3rd term) or President Christie (Obama-lite 3rd term) from flipping the switch on a law NO ONE BUT CONGRESS WANTS! We’ve been here before, NO ONE WANTED obamacare but the SOB’s in DC rammed it down our throat and look at us now. Today you have lunatics in DC like Keith Ellison and Nancy Pelosi praising job loss caused by “the law of the land” you just know they will be thrilled in ’17 when ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY is flipped on. One way or another they want their new block of dependent voters for one party (Progressive) rule. They call themselves democrats and republicans but they are all really progressives = closet communists!

Let me make this prediction if Congress does this “compromise” then it was the plan all along cooked up by Boehner, Schumer AND Paul Ryan! Boehner is the one who said they [Congress]can’t trust obama with another law he will rewrite on the fly…

Ryan said obama is lawless….

But Ryan has been working on amnesty with Rep Luis Gutierrez and has had behind the door meetings with Schumer who is here pitching a way to enact the law after obama is gone in 2017. See kids you just have to know how to put the pieces together. Tell me this is conspiracy, I’m a tinfoil hat guy when the pieces fit together so easily! If Congress passes ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY with the caveat that it goes into effect in 2017 we’re screwed.

Who wants to bet I’m wrong?!