Ex-CIA Officer: Government ‘Fusion Centers’ and Militarization of Law Enforcement ‘Can Be Turned Into a Turnkey Tyranny Very Quickly’

These Fusion Centers set up post 9/11 were designed to collect data on people at the local level and share it at the federal level “to identify emerging threats”. Everything is done with good intentions but as we have learned from the NSA scandal is that all that power is being used against the American people. Last time i checked all this data collection didn’t stop Ft Hood nor did it stop the Boston Bombing! Our privacy and civil liberties are on the brink of extinction by an ever-growing authoritarian govt run by a self-proclaimed dictator, barack obama.

When Glenn Beck points out the militarization of law enforcement (buying of armored vehicles, grenade a launchers etc) Buck Sexton warns “they [govt] are building a militarized police force Glenn. They are essentially blurring any distinction between federal law enforcement and local law enforcement which should be very clear lanes in the road for everyone to understand and this can be turned into a turnkey tyranny very quickly!”

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