Jay Sekulow: FCC Monitoring Media is a ‘Direct Attack on First Amendment Especially Freedom of the Press’

Make no mistake about it this is no study on how news is collected and disseminated. This is an excuse for the imperial empire to target conservative media by using a blanket “study”. The abuse we saw from the IRS we will see with the FCC. Oh sure there will be one or two cases of a left leaning media outlet being scrutinized but you can bank any conservative outlet will be scrutinized and attacked for their type of reporting.

Is Obama trying to kill a free press?
by Jay Sekulow | FoxNews
The FCC is launching a new study, taking upon itself the task of deciding what news the public “needs” to hear, versus the news the public wants to hear. The agency will conduct a “General Population Survey” that will “measure community members’ actual and perceived critical information needs.”

Got that? What you think (perceive) you need to know is different from what the government says you need to know.

Next, the FCC will send monitors to newsrooms across the country who will ask questions regarding the “philosophy” of the newsroom, inquire about possible conflicts between reporters and their bosses, and even determine how much influence each individual has in deciding what to report.

Does that kind of government inquiry sound familiar? Are we not less than a year removed from an IRS apology for inquiring about the internal workings of conservative groups?

Last week, FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai, who believes the government has no role in how a certain story is covered, disclosed in a Wall Street Journal Op-Ed the existence of the new FCC plan that will ostensibly “study” how media organizations report the news.