Rush on FCC Monitoring Newsrooms: Every Major Repressive Regime Has Begun With Universal Healthcare

The regime used obamacare to reel in the crap media to do what they want and not be critical. That then opens a permissive door which allows other agencies weaponized by this regime to go after its enemies. The news on the FCC expanding its power on the media should be of great concern to all Americans. Do not dismiss this because it is a volunteer study. Understand this volunteer study on news media is by the very agency that grants the media their licenses! Got it?! This is another govt agency under the obama regime being weaponized against the people, this tyranny make no mistake about it. The Constitution is under direct assault by this radical president, his devout followers and the corrupt media who welcome and refuse to cover this coming power grab.

Folks you do understand other nations are in flames right now over power grabs that we are being subjected to daily! Why are you asleep America? Those who swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution what are doing? Why are you silent? You ignorance, complacency even complicity is a violation of the oath you took and hold so dearly… you ALL should be ashamed of yourselves!