Rep. Alan Grayson: Ted Cruz Is Trying to ‘Hasten the Apocalypse’

All you people in Florida that put Ogre back in office should be ashamed of yourselves. Alan Grayson is a despicable vile excuse of a human being who doesn’t get a pass for the one or two times he has a moment of clarity speaking like a an American. He is as much a socialist if not closet communist as the rest of SNC. Grayson claims obamacare is helping people where who? The regime looks for success stories but has yet to produce any. Oh sure the emperor will have puppets standing behind during his propaganda speeches and then talk about a letter he received or a story told to him about someone who is a success but not once have they produced the windfall of success stories. The only ones causing chaos and damage to the economy are obamas policies with Harry Reid enforcing them. For the record the government shutdown was a result of Harry Reid and obama not working with republicans to come to an agreement on obamacare after attempts to defund it failed. Repubs made 11 attempts of compromise all were denied by the emperor and his thug enforcer!