Krauthammer: FCC Newsroom Study Latest Effort ‘to Trample on What Rights are Remaining’

The US ranks 46th in the world free press index, so much for the First Amendment folks! We edge closer and closer to Orwell’s 1984 while our elected leaders don’t seem to be too concerned. Sure the few rebels will have their arms in the air over how outrageous this is but the majority will as usual remain silent taking no action. This “study” by the FCC should not be trivialized America you need to speak out as this is yet another govt agency being weaponized against anyone going against the regime. Members of Congress like Trey Gowdy have been vocal they will use the power of the purse to put a stop to all the power grabs and violations from the regime. One would hope they will take Krauthammer’s advice and yank the FCC’s funding!