Steven Seagal: If Benghazi Truth Comes Out Obama Won’t Last Second Term, He Will Be Impeached

Steven Seagal was speaking at the Western Conservative Conference where he said if the truth were to come out about Fast & Furious and Benghazi obama wouldn’t last through his term. Seagal also made it clear that the only ones who are going to take this country is the people!

Seagal is right but there is no way this impotent, irrelevant Congress will ever impeach emperor obama. He has done far more and far worse than Nixon remaining unscathed. Even if the House moves to impeach it will be laughed at in the Senate which is responsible for an actual hearing/ trial. As long as the Senate is under democrat/progressive control by regime henchman Harry Reid the emperor will remain in power. This is why it is so crucial to take back the Senate and remove Harry Reid as majority leader BUT….

Even if the Senate was to be retaken there are still establishment/ progressive republicans infesting both Houses who would not support impeaching the boy king. These are the same people who attacked Ted Cruz when he called to defund obamacare who later blamed him for the obama/Reid govt shutdown. They are the same ones who vote to increase spending, the US debt and who support Constitutional violations committed by the NSA!

Last but not least the other reason obama will never be impeached is because Joe Biden would become President.