Ed Henry: Sources Say Obama Will Give in to Iran on Nuclear Program

What you are seeing around the world is what happens when the only free superpower left in the world stands down under the promise of fundamental transformation. Obama’s weak foreign policies and demilitarization of the US has emboldened and strengthened enemies around the world. He has destroyed our relationship with all our allies but even worst the trust and dependability the US once had. Because obama is an EPIC failure, clearly demonstrated with the Ukraine, other nations like Saudi Arabia will start their own nuclear weapons programs because they know America will not be there when that 3am call is made. Iran will never stop their nuclear weapons program and are a threat to the entire region. The stakes are higher and more dangerous because these are countries ready to push the button if they had the weapons to use!

To those who voted for hope and change, a weak spineless president, and who have empowered progressive radicals all the blood that is/ will be spilled is on your hands. The same goes for our useless impotent Congress and our dishonorable military who ignore their oath picking and choosing who is and isn’t an enemy of the US.