Allen West: Obama Tone-Deaf On American ‘Weakness’

Our relevance and influence has been almost wiped out around the world. There are a few shreds still hanging on but you can be sure obama will do his best to destroy what little is remaining. The fact he is reducing the size of our military tells our enemies around the world they are free to do as they want. Our allies have been abandoned by this community organizer who doesn’t want to be bothered with world affairs as he brings the US down to third world status.

The US is the last beacon of hope and freedom for millions around the world what happens when that shining light on the hill is finally put out? People literally are dying trying to come here but that very freedom and show of strength which is a draw to those people is being systematically destroyed. Our leaders are corrupt, inept, incompetent, impotent and irrelevant. Our court system riddled with corruption as well where judges are now activists ruling by political opinion. The military used and abused, reduced to drones and puppets following orders a generation ago would have never tolerated ignorant of the oath they took.

All of you who cheer these successes of the left, voted for obama and keep radical progressives in power you helped destroy a once great nation. †

The US is in full distress there is no one left to restore the greatness. Degenerate fascists pushing their hate, socialist communist ways and alternative lifestyles now take precedence over God, the Rule of Law, capitalism etc. Conservatives people of faith, good moral and ethic character are an endangered species. The world will plunge into darkness once this nation collapses economically & socially.