Former Obama Supporter Burns Her ‘Last Bridge’: You’re the Biggest Fraud Ever Perpetrated on the American People

I think its safe to say Carey Welder was a hardcore obamarhoid since not only she fell for the hopey changey lies but also because she had the shirt, shed tears, waited hours in the rain to see Moochelle etc. And then she informed herself on material most of us were most likely putting out there in which we were demonized and attacked viciously over. Ya see folks all you have to do is keep pushing the truth and those with a clue will wake up!

Nice to see that Carey see’s the institution of government, the dems and republicans (progressives IMO), as a whole the problem, but that is because of the monsters who have perverted it. The Founders knew no system of government was perfect even the one they were building which is why they broke up the powers among 3 branches in the hopes of creating a system of checks and balances. As we now know that system is corrupt but we still have elections to right those wrongs and there is always the possibility of an Article V convention (I’m not holding my breath).

The institution is viable but we have to remove those who are wrecking it along with our economic and social entitlement system. We do that by finding more Carey’s but only to put them in the right direction. We are passed the point of going out making long speeches in hopes of converting people. We just need to put the information, the truth out because the smart ones who vote will take that extra step. I mean if a devout obamabot can see the light there are more. Where there is 1 there are 2, 4, 16, 256…. so those of you in the fight keep pushing the material out, keep opening your mouth in public rocking the boat making people feel uncomfortable many like Carey are listening!