Rush to GOP: It’s Not Hard to Repeal Obamacare

Rush is correct it is not hard at all to repeal this crap law if Congress really wanted to. Granted it would get vetoed by the boy king but lets assume 2/3’s of Congress was composed of republicans capable of overriding a presidential veto, I’m willing to bet they still wouldn’t repeal obamacare. There is no will to repeal, it only exists to get votes. The fact that the French republicans are making excuses moving away from repeal should be all the red flags people need to see and hear to remove these two-faced SOB’s from office. They never intended to because they will use this crap law as a weapon for power and control just like the demoncrats! I’m sure back in 1933 there were people whining “you can’t repeal prohibition”! Yes you can and yes they did because there was a will to reverse this insane act of progressivism! Problem today is progressives have infested both parties where neither has any intentions of doing what is best for the nation.

They all know now is the time to repeal the law while the enrollment numbers are low and dismal, the longer they wait the harder it will be but it can be done. We send people to Congress to do the hard things not have a cake walk on the taxpayers back! Anyone saying the debate is over repeal is off the table is an enemy to the people.