Krauthammer: New ‘Smoking Document’ Benghazi Emails a ‘Classic Cover-Up of a Cover-Up’

The regime has willfully engaged in activity to deceive the American people to win an election. Let’s not also forget an innocent man, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, went to jail for this deception perpetrated on the American people and the world over a video NO ONE watched prior to the Benghazi attack. Furthermore the president of the US and Sec of State engaged in pure propaganda spending US taxpayer dollars to push these lies (defrauding the people) to lock up an election!

Where is Congress? Where are our supposed guardians of the Republic?! Eric Holder needs to be impeached IMMEDIATELY replaced with a bipartisan Attorney General who will launch a legit investigation and lock people up!

Those of you who swore an oath to protect and defend this nation, your Republic is in full distress.. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??