Sessions: Fed Stimulus Has Not Benefited Working Class

Sen Sessions continues to be one of the few voices in DC who speaks for the people. While others push regime propaganda and the lies that everything is sunshine and rainbows he provides a dose of reality!

The number of people out of the labor force will continue to increase because of failed economic policies from this administration and the actions coming out of the Fed. Yellen is practically parroting obama talking points. Jobs lost are not coming back for two reasons 1) the inevitable, technology gets better where people are being replaced through software and automation 2) companies hit hard over the last couple of years have had to learn how to run lean. It has worked for many in cutting costs by delegating duties of 10 to 5, so those jobs are gone…

The nation is not in a recovery because the Fed continues to pump money, literally printing/ digitizing obey out of thin air backed by NOTHING, into the economy while refusing to increase interest rates. Why? Because they know once they start increasing rates SHTF again! The money supply is out of control, devaluing the dollar next to nothing at this point and this is all done to prop up the economy to give the illusion of a recovery. What the Fed is doing to the economy is the equivalent of giving a dying patient a shot of adrenaline! They all know it too!

Until DC changes the tax laws, eases up on regulations, gets the EPA under control and tells the unions to shove it the availability of jobs will continue to dwindle because companies are going to continue to run lean, outsource operations overseas. When manufacturing returns to the US, when the nation once again becomes a producer instead of a servicer than jobs will come back. This isn’t rocket science folks, it’s Econ 101 that the majority in DC and definitely not the clown in the white house ever took class in!