Susan Rice: ‘Dang if I Know’ If There’s More Benghazi Info

Yea okay, as if anyone has any reason to believe a word coming out of Rice’s LYING mouth. She IS THE ONE who willfully made the decision to go on 5 networks to push outright lies. If Benghazi were a true criminal case today she would be charged as a co-conspirator! Some will argue she didn’t know and only did what she was told by the Jarrett obama admin. Yea well I’ve seen plenty episodes of Cops to see that the law doesn’t care in most instances what the other person present during the conduct of a crime knows or doesn’t know!

Rice comments on how thousands of documents have been handed over by the admin but we know with the IRS scandal how easily the “most transparent admin” will hide the truth. The IRS scandal proves this corrupt admin will take every opportunity to bury the truth even if that means doctoring documents! Imagine if ALL the documents and the truth comes out on Benghazi?! Most of it is out there you just have to put the puzzle pieces together or get a document/ email that will make the connection. This admin is desperate to hide their involvement with arming Al Qaeda in the middle east. It is why they left Chris Stevens and anyone with him for dead in Benghazi. Believe it or not all the hearings and back and forth we have witnessed is the desired result of this admin. They prefer it over having Stevens sit before House and Senate committees explaining what he was doing out of a CIA outpost in Benghazi. Does it make any sense that the Brits and Red Cross got out but the US Ambassador stayed put at an unsecure location, not even having an armored vehicle at said location to make a last minute getaway!? A real journalist would have challenged Rice on pushing lies and the gun running orchestrated by this admin to our enemies which is an act of treason.