Socialists Stage Higher Wage Protest In McDonald’s

These idiots ought to learn economics and understand, for example, those who flip burgers are not equal to those who are paralegals as far as wages go. One of the key issues being deliberately left out of these debates over income equality and fair living wages is something called skill-set. Low-level/ low-wage workers are not equal and frankly these fascists insult the hard work many have taken to get a higher education to better themselves to earn more. How dare these socialists, fascists even, think they have a right to earn as much as someone who does more in their daily job duties! Why settle for obama’s $10.10 per hour or $15 per hour these monsters demand, why not just demand a $1,000,000 per year to flip burgers? These people are insane and my calling them socialists/ fascists is not to be taken lightly. This is what socialists/ fascists do: they protest making demands, and when that fails they will intimidate which will lead to violence that we have seen around the world throughout history. Their propaganda utilizes the classic colors and imagery of socialist/ marxist/ communists…

15Now propaganda

Also take note these monsters are taking a page from Occupy with the parroting! I have no doubt many if not all of these protesters are supporters if not members of Occupy Wall Street.

The other issue deliberately left out of the debate is all these jobs these fascists are demanding a fair living wage are part-time jobs. These jobs WERE NEVER MEANT TO SUSTAIN a lifestyle to afford the higher level of living this entitlement generation has been raised to expect. Part-time jobs were meant to subsidize one who has full-time employment, for the inexperienced to enter the workforce to get experience, offer a source of income for young people/ students! If you are working 20-25+hrs a week at McDonald’s or Walmart you need to understand that job was NEVER MEANT to sustain someone with a family of 3-4+ people!

As for the McDonald’s patrons, shame on all of you for sitting there allowing these idgets to disturb your meal and push this socialist/ communists crap. I bet half of you whine and complain about liberals and their anti-capitalist agenda. Not to speak is to speak! Your silence rather than voicing against this protest only strengthens these radical tyrannical movements on the very economic system that allows you the money to eat but also provides the business to provide you with the meal! Hypocrites!