Cavuto Explodes at Bachmann Over Lawsuit Against Obama ‘Rome’s Burning and Your Filing’

#1 Defunding the Executive Branch is not going to stop obama.
#2 there is no way anyone in the Executive Branch is going to be impeached and removed from office. This is a wet dream the right has ignoring the reality that impeachment must be tried in the Senate. This of course will never happen since the dems hold a majority and Harry Reid has brought business in the Senate to a standstill.

Cavuto was in the right going after Michele Bachmann telling her she is “being silly”, because she and many other republicans are delusional as this lawsuit is a massive waste of time. All the hearings over the countless scandals have gone nowhere. Holder was held in contempt and it doesn’t affect him. Rome aka the US, as Cavuto put it, is on fire where half the republicans keep playing these useless games while the other half is attacking and destroying conservatives and anyone who goes against the establishment GOP.

The party is on the edge of total implosion and it’s about time. After the bullshit in the McDaniel v Cochran primary things are pretty clear the GOP is dead. Progressive republicans have destroyed whats left of the party of Lincoln and Reagan. So let the GOP go the way of the Whig Party because that means whatever rises from the ashes will be the party that takes this nation back.


Do not sent one dime to the republican party!