Dem Rep to GOP: “You’re Done”, Times Up For Immigration Reform Obama Will Act on His Own

“First of all your chance to play a role in how immigration and deportation policies are carried out this year is over. Having been given ample time and space to craft legislation you failed. The president now has no other choice but to act within existing law…”

This little SOB has more or less called for obama to use his pen and pass amnesty since the GOP failed to meet his deadline to pass an immigration bill. Newsflash Luis the border is being invaded no thanks to you and his majesty calling for amnesty there is no way the people of the US will tolerate an amnesty bill. The GOP is scared to death at this point to pass any bill even remotely related to immigration reform. Thad Cochran’s win with the help of democrats is proof the people are growing tired of the GOP and how desperate the party is to hold onto power. They know their time in power is on the line so of course they aren’t going to pass an immigration amnesty bill that would be the equivalent to obamacare!

Obama is poking the American people at this point so lets see him use his pen to grant amnesty or as I have warned ASYLUM to illegal aliens.