Chuck Hagel on Release of Gitmo 5: ‘We Didn’t Negotiate With Terrorists”

First of all YES “WE” did negotiate with terrorists! Good luck to anyone who can sit through this clip listening to this dunce flounder around trying to explain make excuses that the obama regime did not negotiate with terrorists to get one our own (I use that loosely) back!

There is A LOT of chatter about Bowe Bergdahl being anti-American and a deserter before his capture. His father has already deleted a tweet and is now being called a jihadist sympathizer!

Then there are the charges by several GOP leaders that his royal majesty once again bypassed Congress to release 5 cold-blooded killers for this alleged deserter!

Get ready for scandal ###???, I’ve lost track of how many but let’s see we have Fast & Furious, NSA, DOJ, IRS, VA, Benghazi……