Rice Claims Obama Had Constitutional Power to Bypass Congress to Release Gitmo 5, Couldn’t Trust Congress

The regime had concerns? Concerned about? Reports say Bergdahl WALKED off base aka deserted! Is it plausible he in fact joined up with the Haqqani terror network and they used him as a propaganda piece to get oh I dunno 5 of the deadliest Gitmo detainees released? I know that’s crazy right! It is not on obama to decide what to do unilaterally violating the powers delegated to him breaking the law.

Once again the LAWLESS president acts outside of his authority and is now negotiating with terrorists! The regime can word play all they want that they didnt negotiate with terrorists but they did! This is a direct violation of US foreign policy and quite frankly obama has shown, without a shadow of a doubt now, whose side he is on!

Congress has got to wake the hell up and stop the imperial emperor. The only way that ill happen is if the people put true fear in to these people to start doing their damn jobs! Melt their phone lines, crash their email systems set up camp at their offices and demand they reel obama in! He is now putting not only American troops but US citizens lives at risk setting this deadly precedent.

Those of you in the military WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! How many examples do you need to see that your Republic in which YOU swore an oath to defend is in distress. We the people will ride politicians but honestly YOU are the only ones who ca put a stop to this and you have the Constitutional authority to do it! You are used and abused, your blood sweat and tears politicized for the very people who cut your funding and leave your brothers and sisters in the VA to die from lack of proper care! WAKE UP!