Obama: ‘I Don’t Rule Out Anything’ in Iraq

Iraq is going to need more help because this clown was in too big of a hurry to pull our troops out!

What did this clown think was going to happen when he announced troop withdrawal and then started pulling them out along with letting terrorists go?! Did he think everything would be sunshine and rainbows where the jihadists would be like “okay buh bye we will be good little islamic radicals”?!

Obama was in a big hurry to get our troops out not factoring the Iraqi’s needed more support and training on how to deal with terrorists once our guys were gone! Our troops put their lives on the line, left friends and body parts on the battlefield where it would appear under the obama/Clinton/ Kerry foreign policy it was for nothing now!

Congrats Bronco ‘Bama you just helped the advance the reconstitution of the islamic caliphate. You know that nightmare scenario Glenn Beck warned about over 4 years ago who was mocked and ridiculed for!