Obama Sending 275 US Troops to Baghdad

Didn’t obama say the war was over, terrorists were on the run yada yada?!

The simple solution is to just evacuate the embassy, why put boots on the ground unless you have something in that embassy that cannot be left behind?! Yes it cost billion to build but it’s just four walls and roof isn’t it? It would appear the original reason to not evacuate the embassy because the situation is too politically sensitive is the regimes way of saying there is a lot more to/ inside this facility! The obama regime is going to gamble with people’s lives to hold this embassy from ISIS who are more dangerous than al Qaeda. That said let’s walk into conspiracy land where one is left to conclude this embassy is more than likely a major intelligence facility with sensitive equipment and records! Granted computer hard drives can be “fried” but there must be some serious high-tech equipment deep inside this facility for his royal majesty to order troops in to secure the facility. If were a typical facility they would easily cut & run. What is inside this billion dollar facility worth risking American lives?

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