Rep Willams on Operation Choke Point: Socialism in its Purest Form

Rep Williams is correct this recent anti-gun operation we know orchestrated by the obama/ Holder regime is socialism in its purest form. Who is obama and Holder to tell business owners who and where they can do business?

Emperor obama is on record saying he will not go after the Second Amendment but you should know the drill by now that he never said he wouldn’t legislate guns out of the people’s hands. Whether it is a new tax, regulation or putting the squeeze on the gun industry as Williams describes obama will work the system to make it next to impossible for Americans to buy, use or afford a gun! You can have all the guns you want in his book but good luck if you have the cash to afford it if he has his way. For those wondering when we will see the final nails of fundamental transformation get driven into this nation you will know when our right to keep and bear arms has been revoked!

Progressives know the Second Amendment is the biggest obstacle to their radical agenda to transform America. Be warned all these mass killings especially the ones taking place in schools adds fuel to their fire.