Rocker Disses Encore Request to Sing Patriotic Song in Honor of D-Day, Walks Off Fox & Friends ‘I’m Off the Clock’

Deleting Daughtry’s songs from my iTunes as we speak…

Yes his band had already left the stage, but there was no reason Chris Daughtry couldn’t have taken part in an impromptu encore request to sing a patriotic song in honor of D-Day. Sorry anyone claiming he was put on the spot, that is nothing but a cop-out, he wanted no part. Would it have been a crime for him to sing My Country ‘Tis of Thee, God Bless America or the Star Spangled Banner with the Fox & Friends crew and fans?? Daughtry IMO just spit in the faces of those who died 70 years ago today who provided the very blanket of freedom that allows him the success he has experienced.

Hey Chris had it not been for those who gave their lives and everything they had 70 years ago you wouldn’t have a new single/ record to debut!

UPDATE Chris Daughtry Issues Apology