White House Warns Obama Will Take Exec Action On Immigration Soon

Demoncrats and republicants may MAY be saying immigration reform is dead but that will not stop the imperial emperor. When reports of deaths start filtering out from these detention centers that his propaganda created there will be public outcry to “just do something” where his majesty will have all the political clout he needs to act. Many fear amnesty will be granted via executive order but based on recent news and the fallout it would cause it is more likely obama will grant ASYLUM to these “refugees”!

Bernard Whitman claiming immigration reform will “reduce the deficit by trillion dollars” “grow” and “strengthen our economy” and grow the middle class to secure the borders” is progressive bullcrap talking points. Thankfully we had Katie Pavlich to set the record straight proving the liar this clown is.

If illegals are granted amnesty or asylum that act could very well be the death-blow to the US economy and social service programs. His royal majesty knows all of this and it is what he needs to complete fundamental transformation. The US must fall in order for the switch to be flipped on this progressive nightmare that is being built before our eyes.