Sen Cruz: Holder Should Be Impeached If He Doesn’t Appoint Special Prosecutor

Emails deleted, hard drives destroyed (distraction) if that doesn’t spell out scandal what does? The IRS scandal is not phony and frankly it get’s worse as things lag on where it is clear the regime gave Lerner the greenlight to target conservatives. The fact that Eric Holder has remained silent, doing nothing and refusing to appoint a special prosecutor on the IRS scandal demands his impeachment. Don’t forget Holder was already found in contempt of Congress so he clearly has a history of defying the rule of law, the same law he swore to uphold!

Cruz will undoubtedly be standing alone on this in the Senate. We can be sure progressive senate republicans will not stand with him and even if the House moves to impeach trying it is DOA as long as Harry Reid is running the Senate. The lack of action from whats left of the republican party has set a dangerous precedent the demoncrats have capitalized off of. They now know they can pretty much get away with committing high crimes because there is no one who will hold them accountable.

We are screwed America…