Obama: By Almost Every Measure, We Are Better Off Than When I Took Office [Watch]

I cannot even put it into words how badly this guy this CLOWN is lying. The imperial emperor is a certified compulsive liar that you cannot even put the level of lies on a chart! Even worse are the obamarhoids believing this barrel of bullsh*t when they are earning less many losing their jobs, spending more on food, fuel(electric & gas), health care costs etc!

If the economy is on fire and we are so much better off now why are there 100 million Americans out of work? Why are there 46 million plus Americans in poverty and on food stamps? Why has the number of people on disability hit record numbers (and they aren’t all hurt)!? Why has the admin bailed out just about every major industry and is now bailing out student loans? I thought things are great why pay students debt off if it’s sunshine and rainbows?

With what this MONSTER is doing right now on the border along with everything else this country is going down in flames. It’s going down because of him, our do nothing Congress and people too complacent to get off their butts to hold anyone in DC accountable. Go back to watching your reality tv and memorizing sports stats America, when this thing comes apart you will have no one to blame but yourselves!