Houston Black Woman Goes Nuclear Over Special Treatment Given to Illegals: What About the Kids Here in Our Country? [Watch]

There are more black Americans (also asian, hispanic etc and legal immigrants) out there just like Houston TX’s Bernadette Lancelin, where are you? Those of us on the front lines of this immigration battle are being attacked as racists and bigots for expressing the same concerns because we are white. Minority Americans who oppose this dumping of illegals in the US you need to step up to the plate and express the same level of anger as Bernadette. You will feel the impact of illegals with jobs, healthcare etc more than others so why are you silent!?

Aside from the minorities in the US where are the advocates for less fortunate? Where are the crusaders for the unemployed, poor and homeless? Where are you because you cause is about to be completely wiped out as this imperial president and DC has decided to care more about ILLEGAL ALIENS rather than US citizens!

The left cries we need to have compassion for illegals yea well how about we first show compassion American children who are poor, illiterate, their parents unemployed that need all the resources being diverted to people who don’t even belong here! DC has turned Americans into second class citizens and lets not forget the veterans completely forgotten who provide the very blanket of freedom we all live under!

Those of you on the left supporting illegal immigrants wanting an open border DENYING American citizens you have made your bed prepare to pay the price!