Obama Blames Republicans in Congress for the Problems at the Border [Watch]

This clown created the mess ringing the amnesty bill now he has the audacity to blame the minority party for the invasion at the border!! Newsflash emperor obama you had a supermajority for two years and what did you do? You wasted that time to ram obamacare down the nations throat which is a complete disaster while the border remained wide open and our economy weak. Now years later you think anyone will fall for this blame game?

Someone should point out to this lying SACK OF CRAP that the republicans control 1/2 of 1/3 of the US government! He thinks this crisis he created will create enough political pressure for Congress to pass a comprehensive bill through he is dreaming. A lot of Americans are waking up and seeing this insane game he is playing there is no way anyone will support any elected leader come the midterm elections if they tried to pass a bill. What obama has done is gamble with lives, creating this crisis on the border to blackmail the republicans to do what he wants!

Is the immigration system broken? Technically NO! It appears broken only because obama and Congress BROKE it by not enforcing the laws on the books. None of that matters now because his majesty will bypass Congress, as he always does, in a few weeks with his magic pen!