Did the House Just Pass a Bill That Will Lead to the Trojan Horse Amnesty Bill We Were Warned About Last Year?

HR 5230 passedPeople I believe we have just been had by the House. The Trojan Horse amnesty bill we were warned about last year may have just been passed August 1, 2014 because no one in DC has a brain cell left in their skulls…. Remember Congress has a nasty record of rushing bills at night because everyone is in a hurry to go home for vacation!

Last year Rep Bachmann was on Glenn Beck, with Reps Steve King and Louie Gohmert, where she was absolutely clear NO immigration bill of any kind could be passed in the House because it would go to Senate and they would take it Conference Committee with the immigration bill they passed last year. She was adamant this would lead to a Trojan Horse amnesty bill …

“…I’m telling you what we have to do is not pass any immigration bill out of the House because that’s a Trojan Horse to put a bad bill in and bring it back to us…”

Well the House just passed what I would call “any immigration bill” via this border supplemental bill 8/1/14 that Harry Reid was pretty clear on July 29th could go to Conference with the Senates immigration bill!

“we’ve been looking for something to do Conference on, maybe we can do it with that”

We really need clarification on the bill they passed in a mad rush so they could go home for their 5 week vacation to avert obama having to “act alone” with his magic pen!

Please share this post with as many people as possible to alert them but also have them hammer their representatives while they are home on break to explain what they have just done! I wouldn’t doubt it for a second that Senate progressives, like Chuck Schumer who has been begging the House to pass anything, won’t seize the opportunity to get their amnesty bill from this border supplemental bill passed in the House.

If this is all correct we’re in real trouble America!!