Rep Gohmert: Obama Won’t Stop “Undocumented Democrats” From Coming In

Rep Gohmert once again hits the nail on the head! The imperial regime has no desire whatsoever to stop the border invasion because each and every illegal alien entering the US equals a new democrat party voter. Demoncrats do not care about the long-term effects all these illegals will have on our economy, social services or national security. All they care about is votes to stay in power where illegals offer the opportunity for permanent one party rule in America.

Gohmert also made another great point I have been trying to get across folks is that it’s not just Mexicans coming across but people from all over the world. OTM’s pose a massive threat to the nation because many come from nations that hate us to no end, and nations where nasty deadly diseases like Ebola is spreading at a dangerous rate. Who is to say a terrorist won’t get their hands on some tainted/ infected blood make their way to South/Central America and work their way up across the US-Mexican border. Once here they can infect themselves with a disease like Ebola and spread it to as many people as they can. Terrorists can in fact turn their bodies into WMD vs strapping a bomb to their bodies! Don’t say terrorists can’t cross the border, it can’t happen anything is possible at this point! IMO this is one of the points James O’Keefe was trying to make when he put on the bin Laden mask and crossed the border!