CEO of La Raza: ‘We’re Done Waiting’ on Amnesty

La Raza (The Race) head making a light threat that they’re “done waiting” to the imperial emperor on amnesty?! Curious what Murguia is going to do? Will she encourage her radical revolutionary followers to take to the streets destroy private property rambling on “no justice no peace” like their fellow race hustlers do when they don’t get what they want? The emperor has no legal authority to legislate from oval office no matter how much The Race-ists whine and complain or charge Congress with dereliction of duty. Radical socialists are upset obama is not fulfilling his campaign promises to get their vote, so this (soft) internal threat is something people have warned about. History shows many times radicals tend to turn on their own when they don’t get what they want! The Race-ists know time is ticking down to the election and want to lock up races now vs waiting for obama to act until after the midterms.

The deportation figures both these radical socialists chirp about are lies and they know it, but they use them to pressure the regime to act. Turning people away at the border is not legitimate deportation but the regime reports it to get The Race and propaganda networks like MSDNC to amp up their drone army in a push for amnesty.

FYI America, especially those of you planning not to vote again, IF Conservatives control 2/3 supermajority of the House & Senate they can override the president. Please keep that in mind when you choose to be spiteful and not vote leaving troublemakers and do nothings in power.