Fmr DHS Sec Napolitano: ISIS Was ‘On Everybody’s Radar Screen’ 3 Years Ago

So the regime knew about ISIS 3 years ago but kept the lid on them because they weren’t as much of a threat as they are today aunt Jan?! Sounds like Napolitano is utilizing CYA strategy for being more concerned about the TEA Party and right-wingers instead of IS and other terror groups. Fact remains they are here and many of them got here when she was still running DHS!

Pretty obvious now everyone in DC has a pre-9/11 mentality to allow this group to rise to power under al-Baghdadi. He is/was the #2/3 al-Qaeda head in Iraq who promised when he was released from Camp Bucca he would see us in NYC. This admin sat back and allowed him to reconstitute what was left of AQ Iraq into ISIS which is now in control of large areas of Syria and Iraq. Have no fear America because the regime tells us there is no threat from IS because “they’re over there”… uh huh same thing was said about al-Qaeda in ’93 & ’01 before we got hit too!