Cavuto Destroys Pelosi For Taking Issue With Reporter That Said “Illegal Alien”

You can see and hear the frustration in Cavuto as he destroys Nanzi Pelozei for taking issue with a reporter who used the CORRECT identifying term “illegal alien” during the democrat press conference. Pelosi should just call ILLEGAL ALIENS what she really wants them to be called “undocumented democrat voters”! She like all communists continues to push political correctness onto the nation and what does the crap media do? They do as she and the other commies in DC say never challenging them. The media hands are covered with as much blood as the dems for always giving in and pushing political correctness on us. This is really social engineering to remove the fact that our laws have been broken proving the Sheriff is correct that Pelosi, obama and company want to treat ILLEGAL ALIENS like citizens. By doing that it makes it easier for them to persuade the uninformed voters to support them even if it means that support will hurt the uninformed down the road.

When the emperor legalizes 5-10++ million illegals they will go to the front of the line for jobs, public assistance etc. The minorities and poor already in this country will lose any who they have of getting out when ILLEGAL ALIENS are granted amnesty. You would think minority leaders would speak out by now, heck you would think unions would say something but they are too loyal to the party. So they stay silent while the nation and their own livelihoods get bulldozed over!