Propaganda Minister Bluntly Admits Obama Delayed Immigration Action So GOP Couldn’t Campaign on It

Well America yo wanted transparency you got it for once! The Propaganda Minister, Josh Dis-Earnest, has finally admitted what many of us have known as to why the imperial emperor didn’t follow through on the threats made by his lackeys Rep Gutierrez and Sen Schumer over the summer on passing amnesty. Both if you recall were adamant at times saying time was running out and his majesty has the right to bypass Congress granting amnesty to 5-11+ illegal aliens… I mean undocumented democrat voters.

The GOP is weak and shouldn’t have to wait for obama to pull the trigger on amnesty before campaigning against it. The lack of laws being enforced while our nation is literally invaded from the southern border should be enough. Sadly the party has shown its true colors demonstrating they are tools of the progressive machine.

You know why Dis-Earnest and other regime members can be so bold even admitting things like this? It is because NO ONE in DC or Americans at the voting booths hold those in power accountable. This is also why obama has gotten away with breaking countless laws running the nation into the ground economically to our foreign policy. You have one more chance to slow this train wreck down folks on Nov 4th otherwise we will continue to run out of control toward that cliff.