Judge Pirro: Obama is Still a Bully, So Delusional Acts Like His Party Won Midterm Election

Another week another classic rant from Judge Pirro! After celebrating and commending voters for taking a stand against the socialist takeover of America with a historic midterm election the Judge let the boyking have it!

Obama is as the Judge put it delusional and a bully. He thinks that so many sat out the midterm were people on his side sending a message they aren’t happy! No, these are most likely dopes who follow the regime mindlessly who didnt get the memo or should I say free stuff on the condition of voting or Americans fed up with both sides. His majesty said for those upset with how things are going to go win an election. Well “we” did but now like a bully Darth Hussein dictates more demands from Congress before they have even been sworn in. Obama wants the republican dominate Congress not in power yet to either pass legislation he wants or he will go around them via executive orders. His idea of bipartisanship is “do what I want or else”; if that isn’t the action of a bully then what is!?

Darth Hussein is going to make the next two years absolutely miserable for the entire nation. His hostility towards his enemies will grow, he will do more to divide this nation that he has done to date. He has lied on everything from Benghazi to the IRS scandal. Obama has put Americans lives in danger countless times and he has no intentions of changing his ways.

This Congress better have their act together delivering legislation to help this country so when it gets to his desk for signature the nation and the world will see once and for all the monster he truly is vetoing job creation, national security etc!