Megyn Kelly & Trey Gowdy Rip Into Obamacare Architect

This Gruber went on MSDNC to say he spoke off the cuff but Megyn Kelly showed that this apology was empty because this jerk called us stupid on another occasion. Kelly continued to rip not Gruber and was joined by Trey Gowdy who couldn’t get over the arrogance and irony from the most transparent admin in history.

While we can sit back and enjoy hearing Kelly and Gowdy rip into this lying POS we the people want action. There is more than enough evidence that obamacare is a complete failure and fraudulent law that should be repealed. What we want to hear is that this law is going to be scrapped and those responsible will be held responsible. Granted politicians cannot be sued, but Gruber doesn’t enjoy the same protections as politicians. Make him be an example of what will happen when you deceive the American people. Politicians can be recalled but for whatever reason after all the lies and this new smoking gun the people and activist groups remain silent. The longer this goes on the harder it will be to hold any of them responsible. Take a page from Jim Garrison file charges make a lot of noise because someone somewhere will mess up like this arrogant jerk!