Rep Jordan Grills State Dept Witness Why US Was in Benghazi

Pay attention to the language and how the Benghazi facility was identified from Asst Sec for Diplomatic Security Greg Starr. Security protocol established for all State Dept facilities was not followed for the Benghazi facility nor was a waiver was followed. Starr indicates the Benghazi facility was not an embassy or a consulate it was designated temporary mission facility or special mission compound. This designation is no longer in use which only supports the theory and true reason for its existence was to serve as an outpost for the CIA to run operations out of under the State Dept umbrella of diplomatic facilities. That said not sure if Rep Jordan knows, subscribes to or suspects it but after his questioning and this testimony there should be no doubt the US was in Benghazi for one purpose; gun running!

Jordan’s questioning repeatedly goes back as to why “we” were in Benghazi in the first place. We have an embassy in Tripoli with sufficient staff and protection. The Benghazi facility was low-key and remember the SUV Stevens was transported in was not armored SUV, why? Because an armored SUV stands out like a sore thumb, if you want to limit your exposure you drive and live like others in the region to blend in. Why would a diplomat want to blend in? If you have something to hide you take these actions to again limit exposure. Stevens was doing the obama regimes dirty work in running arms to rebels (aka terrorists) who took down Qaddafi and now he and CIA operators were back in the region to “track weapons” per Glenn Doherty to ABC News! It is safe to assume Stevens was engaged in retrieving said weapons because of activity to get weapons to Syrian rebels (aka terrorists) fighting the Assad regime. He met the Turkish General Consul on 9/11/12, hours before the attack, who has ties to terror elements in Syria! This is not tinfoil hat conspiracy the stories about the US sending arms to Syria is well documented from the NY Times to Reuters. For whatever reason Congress members “don’t want to go there” in these Benghazi hearings?? So the closest we will get is someone like Rep Jim Jordan asking “why were we there in the first place?”

Why does any of this matter? The obama regime running guns to the middle east is an act of treason. They are willfully aiding and abetting our enemies, esp those in Syria I’d like to point out who like to now call themselves ISIS. Am I saying the US armed ISIS? Indirectly yes, because more than likely those “rebels” who received arms in Syria were ISIS fighters if not al Qaeda!

Just a few puzzle pieces are missing folks, but make no mistake about it the Benghazi cover-up is a cover-up for this admin running guns to our enemies.