Obama: Next President Won’t Reverse My Executive Action on Amnesty

If this Congress doesn’t take action now to stop this lawless presidents executive amnesty then sorry to say he is most likely correct that a future POTUS will not reverse his executive action! The establishment GOP under John Boehner has done nothing to date to indicate to the American people they will stop obamnesty. As a matter of fact Rep Pete Sessions has said he wants to get legislation through that will allow all illegals to stay except those who have criminal backgrounds and are violent!

Only a month past the election and many republicants are already indicating they will go against their word to stop the imperial emperor. When these SOB’s return to their districts it is on all Americans to get on them making it clear we will not tolerate this abuse. Our economy and social entitlement system cannot handle the nation as it is. Illegals will push the system over the cliff since they are uneducated, low-skilled workers who will not be paying into the system they will be draining as Sen Jeff Sessions has warned!

Sorry if that ruins folks Christmas vacation, but considering the fact these idiots are about to ruin the nation which would you prefer? Give the republicans hell and make it twice as bad for those about to be sworn in!